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Singing for the King

Are you using your gifts to bring glory to God?   Article by Amanda Collins I accepted Jesus Christ into my life when I was four years old, and my faith and love for him has grown ever since. Any time I ever needed a friend, or some words of encouragement, God was right there for […]


Six ways to defeat fear

Discover why truth is the best defence when you’re feeling afraid. There are a lot of battles in our world today. There are battles for territory and position; for money, scholarships, and a place on the basketball team. Persons lose their lives in warfare for religious freedom while others’ hearts are raisin-ed due to our […]


I would give up eternal life, if you gave me…

How would you end this sentence? Donna Louise Greenwell has pleaded guilty to trading two children to a couple in exchange for an exotic pet bird and $195. The four and five-year-olds were left in Donna’s care by her biological parents and she decided to sell them for a cockatoo and some cash. It’s a […]


The Power of Prayer

God used Cecily Paterson to stop a suicide and change a life, and he can use you too! A few years ago, I wrote a bunch of articles about friendship for Fervr, just because I could, y’know? It was an interesting subject, I’m a writer, and I had some time to give. I didn’t know […]


Why I trust the Bible

A young Christian shares why she has 100% confidence in God’s Word. The Bible is really not your average book. For a start it is more like a library with a range of genres. There are narratives, poems, letters, songs and much more. It has also been written over thousands of years by around 40 […]


Doubting Faith

What do I do if my friend is falling away from Christianity?. The problem at hand is keeping either a fellow brother or sister in Christ from not walking away from a saving faith in Jesus. There are many circumstances that surround this situation and many variables that determine how best to handle it. This article […]


Where are Christians most persecuted?

Being a follower of Jesus can be hard … but in these countries, it might get you killed. Do you ever feel sick of being different? That being teased or excluded because of your faith maybe isn’t worth it? Being a Christian is hard wherever you are. The Bible actually promises that anyone who is […]


How do I stop sinning?

Five steps to help you defeat sin and keep in step with the Spirit. No one robs a bank because they want to go to prison. Prison is just the consequence pointing to a poor decision. Maybe if law-breakers considered prison first, fewer banks would be robbed. Bank-robbers or not, the same is true for […]


What’s it like being a Christian teen?

We asked six teens about their experience of following Jesus. This is what they said. “It’s hard but worth it” — Ariana (13), USA In many ways it is a struggle. And it is and can be very complicated. When God first asked you if you wanted to be His child, he didn’t say it would […]


Are you being generous with your money?

We take a look at the difficult – but joyful – act of giving. I received a letter in the mail the other day telling me I was in the running to win $500,000. Pretty awesome! Then, of course, I started dreaming of all the things I could buy with that money. A new car? […]

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