In a recent sermon at church one of our elders was preaching on faith and trust in God. He said that we are all on a journey but that nobody is alone, God is with you all the time.

After the sermon I had a vision where a man was standing with crutches, using them to walk and support himself …. God knocked out one of the crutches and the man complained bitterly and stumbled around on his remaining crutch, all while complaining and asking God for help. God however did not assist him.
The more the man asked for the crutch back, the more frustrated he got with God not honouring his request. Then God removed his other crutch and the man was furious. … He was ready to turn his back on God …. He reasoned “How could a God so caring and compassionate do this to him, even after he prayed so hard for his crutch back, then lost his other”
Angry and frustrated the man said to God “Why when I asked for help you punished me and took away all I had ?”

God answered him, “You asked me for help but when I tried to make you stronger you would not trust me, I said walk with me but you did not obey. You had no faith in me to help you, yet you keep on asking.”

We all have “crutches” in life … sometimes we just need to LET GO AND LET GOD, we cannot expect Him to work in our lives if we don’t trust Him, obey His word and trust Him to work miracles in our lives.

How often do we feel that God is not part of what is going on in our lives? We only seem to acknowledge the good, not realizing that the struggles, or what we see as the bad things, are there for a reason as well.