God knows that sometimes we will have it rough. Just when you think that everything is going your way, something in your life crashes. When problems beset us, our minds are troubled and we are sometimes beside our self. Know that even when you are beside yourself, it is for God and He is in control.


2 Corinthians 5:13a,15  For if we are beside ourselves, it is for God; He died for us, that we who live should live no longer for ourselves but for Him.

God  knew that we would have it rough. So He gave us His peace. His peace is not of this world. What Christ offers us is not the momentary satisfaction that the world offers, such as personal pleasure, fame, or wealth. Many times these are accompanied with more worry, anxiety, and regret. Anything that secular society offers  cannot satisfy the soul or heart, and cannot give the peace which we so desperately want.

The world will praise you with hollow flattering words that are not sincere. God will bless your life with truth. Secular religions will profess to give you peace, but they do not offer atonement; they cannot reconcile your soul to God.

True peace is obtained by an intimate relationship with Christ. He will give you the peace that meets all the needs of your soul. His grace will heal all your open wounds, and mend your broken heart. The peace that God gives is not affected by external changes, and He will abide with you in this world and in the world to come. In a tumultuous world of anxiety and hardship, we can take comfort that what Chris offers, this world can neither give nor take away!

Struggling with problems and enduring heartache will cause many to doubt the plans of God for their life. In extreme hardship they will doubt and our faith. Surrounded by calamity we will believe that He is not working on our behalf, but He is. It is at the time when our faith is wavering, that we have to trust Him and not lose faith.  Many times He is working behind the scenes, and that which we perceive to be to our detriment is actually working for our benefit.

Life gets tough for all of us. But as bad as it has been, the majority of us have never tortured or beheaded for our faith. We have never been sold into slavery or imprisoned for our beliefs. When life gets bad and hard times are upon us, we just have to trust Him. He will perform for us and rescue us filling our hearts and minds with His peace.  You can trust Him, because He died for you.

If you think you are losing faith, you’re not. It’s OK to struggle, but when you question, trust and allow God be true in your life. He wants to deliver you. Let Him perform His will, His way. You may get angry at God when you are facing hardships, and think that He is not hearing your cries for help. But when all is clear, you will see through your cloud of doubt and realize that you couldn’t see clearly at the time, but He could. He is always in control working for our benefit.

Grace is the reason why we live with such good cheer. We cannot let troubles here get us down. It’s what we trust in, but don’t yet see that keeps us going. We will not let a few ruts in the road or rocks in the road stop us.

Life is more than a short journey, but sometimes all we see is the next step. Gods sees the long haul for us. Sometimes all we can see is today, but God sees our future. When it is really, really hard is when we need to really, really trust Him. Trust, because we can’t fix our problems ourselves, or we wouldn’t be in a bad way in the first place. Let Christ arrange the letters in your journey to write the chapters in your book of life!