EXODUS 20:16

Years ago a Christian actress admitted she would lie in order to win on a reality TV show. There seemed some justification because of her plans to share her proceeds with a church if she won. An Olympic gold medalist told a little white lie to a family member that erupted into a global shame fest. Is telling a lie a big deal or not?


Before we jump into the judgment seat, we need to remember that all of us have lied at one time or another. We lie outright, we lie in omission, we lie when we are afraid, we lie when there’s an accident, we lie in our exaggerations, and so on. Is telling a lie less sinful than the other nine commandments in Exodus 20?

Obviously not. What if, the actress said, “I would have an affair to win” or “I would kill somebody to win.” Would it be alright as long as she gave all the proceeds to orphans? As believers, we know better. Yet, if we are going to lie just like everyone else, how are we different from the world? Christians are reborn to be unique. Jesus said we are the salt of the earth and if we lose our flavor, we blend into the spiritual blandness of the world.

It’s not about being perfect, sinless, or without fault. We know from the Bible that there’s not one of us who are righteous—not even one. (Romans 3:23) It’s about a real relationship with God that brings out the best in us and those around us. Speaking the truth instead of lying to get ourselves out of a tough spot can be difficult. Yet, we can do all things through Christ as we seek to please Him more than ourselves.


Dear Lord, I repent for the times I’ve lied. I want to speak truth at all times. Strengthen my resolve to honor You with the words of my mouth. In Jesus’ name, amen.