Most of us can relate to chasing after something or someone. It could be buses or taxis, toddlers or basketballs. Regardless of what or whom we are chasing, the goal is the same: to catch up! If we put the time and energy into chasing something, at least we would like to accomplish our goal. Yet many of us have been chasing money most of our lives, and we are never satisfied.


When we chase after money, we may lose perspective of what is really important in our lives. We make enough money to buy a large house for our family and yet not spend much time in it with them. We make enough money to buy expensive electronics but lose time worrying about protecting and maintaining these items. We make enough money to go off on luxurious vacations, yet we struggle with adjusting to our return to the humdrum of daily life.

Money can answer many wants and needs in our lives. However, it can’t ultimately fulfill us because if we love money, we will never attain enough of it to satisfy. One of the greatest tragedies of any living person is to chase after money and not their purpose for being alive. To live a long life gaining wealth without a sense of attained purpose and destiny is meaningless.

If believers chase money like those in the world, then we’ve lost touch with our purpose. We can’t take the money with us to heaven. However, if we find and fulfill our purpose for living on this earth, we will enjoy an eternity of real treasures. We are taught by God’s word to be good and wise stewards of our earthly wealth. Money isn’t evil, but the love of money is the root of all evil in this world.


Dear Lord, help me to find and fulfill my purpose in You more than the pursuit of earthly wealth. In Jesus’ name, amen.