1 SAMUEL 24:19

David was hunted down by Saul as if he was his mortal enemy. Saul didn’t have cause against David except for his calling by God to be the next king of Israel. His jealousy fueled a frenzy of time, energy, and expense to destroy David. Twice in the Bible, David had the opportunity to kill Saul; but he didn’t because Saul was anointed by God. What can we learn from David about how to deal with our enemies?


#1) Refuse to let your friends or family incite you toward evil action. (1 Samuel 24:4)
We have to continue to rise above the popular voices of revenge. Our example of being Christ-like in our attitudes toward our enemies is a witness to those who don’t know the Lord.

#2) Repent for the times you’ve failed to act in an honorable manner. (1 Samuel 24:5)
Many of us have engaged in futile arguments with those who’ve set themselves as our enemies. Because of the Holy Spirit’s conviction, we repent when we’ve acted out of our flesh instead of in the Spirit.

#3) Take advantage of opportunities to seek peace if possible. (1 Samuel 24:9)
Not everyone will want to seek peace with us; however, as mature believers of Jesus Christ, we can still hold out the olive branch. Our responsibility isn’t to change their hearts but to keep our hearts soft toward peace.

#4) Resist the temptation to return evil for evil. (1 Samuel 24:17)
There may be opportunities for us to give back to our enemies the same pain they’ve given us. Yet our example is Jesus, Who refused to pay back His accusers and instead gave up His life for all people.

#5) Trust in God to deal with your enemies. (1 Samuel 26:12)
Many times we get frustrated because we want God to settle everything right away. However, our God is rich in mercy and seeks that even our enemies come to know Jesus.


Dear Lord, I can’t deal with my enemies on my own. I need Your wisdom and strength to do the right thing. Help me be the ambassador of Christ in this situation. In Jesus’ name, amen.