“When the oceans rise and thunders roar I will soar with you above the storm, Father you are King over the Flood I will be still know you are God. Find rest my soul in Christ alone, know His power in quietness and trust…” ( Still – Hillsong)


I was reading 1 Kings 19 tonight and verse 11 – 13, hit me and rushed into my soul like water rushing from a flooded dam.

Elijah is on the run, he’s hiding, his soul is in despair, he doesn’t know where to go or what to do, he’s feeling hopeless and lost in the desert, in fact in verse 4 he even prays that he might die, saying he’s had enough.

Then from verse 11 the Lord tells Elijah to go and wait in the presence of the Lord for he is about to pass by, then there is a powerful wind that shattered rocks, I imagine that being so loud and chaotic, but the Lord is not in the powerful wind, then an earthquake comes, and I can imagine the earthquake cracking the ground open and shaking the ground and turning everything upside down, but the Lord is not in the earthquake, then a fire comes and I can imagine the noise of crackling flames roaring up and devouring everything, but the Lord wasn’t in the flames, in verse 12, after the fire came a gentle whisper and Elijah goes out the cave to listen to the gentle whisper of the Lord.

How often when we hit left, right, centre, and thrown upside down, in the raging storm we try to find God but its so loud and the waves and the wind and the fire are roaring and crashing and we lost and we drowning and we being thrown and flung around and our soul is in turmoil and in the noise we crying out to God but we can’t hear Him because the shattering of the ground as the world around us shakes is so loud, because the turmoil within our soul is so deafening.

In the center of a tornado there is calm, there is no noise, when an eagle soars it soars above the storm, above the lightening, above the thunder, above the noise and chaos.

To hear God speak to us, to hear the “gentle whisper” of the Lord. We have to Be Still, we have to literally shut out every roaring sound within our minds and step into the quietness and listen from the depths of our being, we have to silence the turmoil that’s raging in our soul.

If we trying to hear God above the chaos and the confusion and raging winds and the crashing waves we will fail because everything He whispers will be lost in the noise. We have to stop fighting the waves and winds and the fires and the shaking ground and Be Still and surrender our soul to the quietness, and in that moment of surrender, comes the calm, comes the peace, and the confusion and the anger and the raging turmoil within the soul stops, and in that moment, in the silence, in the beauty of letting go and trusting comes the Whisper of the Lord.

Be still my soul, be still for that Whisper, that still gentle voice of the Lord is more powerful than any raging storm. Be still my soul Be still.

By Lorette Olivier