This weekend I watched a documentary on the – and the first thing that came to mind as the narrator explained the complexities to the way that the delta works was – GOD!


This must undoubtedly be God’s playground, this is where He sits back and just watched what
He created, this I feel is what he intended Eden to be …. watching this you will understand how God has a purpose for everything and His hand over everything. What we perceive as harsh or cruel, is an absolute necessity in nature, prey, predators, drought and fire …

You watch how lightning ignites a fire that turns the delta into a blazing inferno … animals run scared and smoke fills the air, this is like our “dark times” the times that we feel alone and that He is not with us …. But in time that blackness that is left by the fire, turns into a lush green landscape once more …. It just takes time and faith to know that it will grow again.

The animals suffer terribly during the dry season …. Its dusty, dry and hot and again you think, wow can God not see the suffering, some give up and die, others adapt their behaviour and wait faithfully and year upon year, the water comes and the plains are flooded again …. All according to God’s plan.

We as humans (supposedly the superior species) should learn from the animals, stop worrying and just wait …. It will come.

I am going with my wife to visit the delta in January and I just know that it is unlikely we will finds a place anywhere on earth where we will feel closer to God, I can hardly wait


Proverbs 3:5 English Standard Version (ESV)

Trust in the Lord with all your heart,
    and do not lean on your own understanding.