Elijah found himself in a bad place just like many of us. He experienced the greatness of God’s power, but then became incredibly discouraged. When God showed up to Elijah there was a great wind, but God wasn’t in the wind. There was a great earthquake and fire, but God wasn’t in those either. Afterwards, there was a whisper and because of that, Elijah wrapped his face in a cloak as he was experiencing the presence of the Lord.

God spoke to Elijah and God still speaks to us today. Jesus said, “My sheep hear my voice, and I know them, and they follow me.” (John 10:27) Sometimes we can’t always hear His voice, not because He’s not speaking—but rather that we haven’t quieted things around us. He speaks to us primarily through His word. The Holy Spirit constantly brings to our minds what we should do according to what is in the Bible. However, this requires that we know the Bible because we are reading and studying it.

The whispers of God come to us in our hour of need especially when we are hurting, discouraged, or disappointed just like Elijah. He was hidden away in a cave, but God knew where to find him. And God knows where to find us as well. Sometimes the Lord speaks early in the morning or late at night to our hurting hearts. His words bring comfort and peace, if we stay still and listen.

These gentle whispers aren’t harsh words of condemnation. God tells us that we are loved and that we belong to Him. His whispers usher in the Holy Spirit’s presence of quietness and restoration. He speaks…if we would only stop long enough to listen.


Dear Lord, I long to hear Your whispers of peace, love, and gentleness to my weary soul. Show me what I need to quiet in my life so that I can hear You with more clarity. In Jesus’ name, amen.