As a single mom of five children, I’m constantly trying to do everything I can for them. Not to spoil them, but rather to bless them to have the best childhood possible. Many times their activities or needs come before I do things for myself. I try to find balance where I can; however, generally my needs will come after I’ve made sure that they are good.

This what any mother should want to do for their children. However, there needs to always be balance in this endeavor. Airlines give instructions for parents to put on their oxygen masks before their children’s—if they don’t, the parent may lose consciousness before they can help their children.

It’s the same off the plane, we as parents must also take care of ourselves spiritually, emotionally, mentally, and physically if we are going to take care of our children. We are empowered by God to do this by the Holy Spirit and not in our own strength.

Spiritually—we need to be about the business of praying and meditating on God’s word. By this our counsel and advice to our children is wise and sound instead of being based on traditions and old wives’ tales.

Emotionally—we need emotional balance that’s not overreacting to everything nor being distant and cold. Our children will reflect what we model in our responses to joys and pain.

Mentally—we need to challenge ourselves mentally regardless of our educational backgrounds. When we resolve in our hearts to keep our mind sharp and clear, our children will continue this practice to the next generation.

Physically—we need to eat healthy and exercise regularly as good stewards of God’s temple. When we model great choices, we give our children an excellent start to their adult life without the worries of heart disease and other adult complications.


Dear Lord, help me to take care of myself so that I can properly care for my children as well as model a balanced life before them. In Jesus’ name, amen.