All of us have had trust issues with people—mainly of those who’ve let us down and disappointed with their actions. Yet, how many of us would admit that we have trust issues with God? The difference is that those people have faults, but God is perfect. How could we have trust issues with our perfect Father in heaven?

We can develop these issues because we asked God to do something and He didn’t do it. We ask Him to heal and no healing comes. We ask Him to deliver and deliverance seems so far away. And then we struggle with asking Him again, because what if He doesn’t do it again? How many times can we ask God with everything we have, only to be disappointed time and time again?

When we reach a point of having trust issues with God—this is the time we need to reflect on His character, by asking ourselves the following questions:
• Is God real?
• Does God love me?
• Is God in control?
• Is God aware of my situation?
• Is God good?

If we are honest with ourselves and the precepts of scripture, the answer to each of these questions is “yes”. If we believe that God is real, that He loves us, that He is in control (or sovereign), that He is aware of our situation, and that He is good—we know that He was, is, and will always be trustworthy.

If God is real, then we know that His word is true and that He keeps His promises. If God loves us, then He won’t allow more on us than what we can bear. If God is in control, then we know that our life journey is in His hands and leading us to heavenly glory one day. If God is aware of our situations, then we know that He is working all things (good and bad) for our good. If God is truly good, then we can trust Him in every single dilemma in our lives.


Dear Lord, I sometimes struggle with trusting in You when things get bad. Renew a steadfast spirit in me to trust You regardless of the storms in my life. In Jesus’ name, amen