Very often in life, things just pass you by because you don’t notice them. Sometimes things, people or circumstances change and they change so slowly and gradually that at first they are not evident and then when you take a moment and look at them, or compare them to the past, they suddenly jump out at you.

A perfect example of this would be my wife, over the past year or so , she has been trying very hard to get in shape, watching what she eats, getting lots of exercise and denying herself the food that we all enjoy. Today she wore a dress that I hadn’t seen her in for a long time and “Bang” suddenly I saw how good she looked.

The same applies to us as Christians, we associate ourselves with the “wrong crowd”, get stuck behind a keyboard for too long, or get obsessed with some other worldly pre occupation and slowly our focus shifts from God and his grace to things of this world. We do not see it happen immediately, but Satan puts little temptations into our paths and the changes in ourselves and our spiritual relationship are so subtle over a long period of time, that we do not see the change in our hearts.

Thankfully it is never too late to realize our mistakes or turn back from what we have become because God in all His grace is waiting there with open arms to welcome us back into his fold, like a lost sheep.