We read the bible and the great miracles that Jesus performed during His time on earth. The blind was made to see, the lame got up and walked and so much more.

In today’s times we look at situations with so much skepticism, maybe it is just how we have been conditioned, not to take everything at face value and try and find a reason or scientific explanation for everything. Maybe it is because of the false prophets that have come in the form of rouge evangelists who claim to heal in either Jesus name or sometimes even their own.

Some of us just yearn for a miracle in our own lives, maybe you have been praying for a long time and have not received the result you were looking for, or maybe you just need a miracle to inspire you and re-ignite the flame of passion that burned so brightly when you first became a child of God.

I say this to you today, the miracles are all around you, all you need to do is ask God to open your eyes and heart and you will see His wondrous works right before your very eyes.

Where? How? You may ask ….

When last did you stand under a 100-year-old Oak tree and just look up and its magnificence while holding the small seed that it was created from?

When last did you hold a new-born baby in your arms, a little creation of God?

When last did you take a walk through Nature or watch a sunrise?

Miracles and the wonders of God are all around us, just take a look around and give thanks