Yesterday, in my line of work, I met a wonderful lady and her young daughter. They were moving house and the little girl, aged around 3 years old, was very anxious about the move. I did not ask too many questions, but I chatted with her when I got the chance and it appeared that the little lady was autistic, I could see that she was not a “happy camper” by the way she was wringing her hands together and biting her bottom lip.

Very bravely she tried to answer some of the questions I asked her as she clung tightly to her mother’s side. During the course of the morning, I deduced through conversations with her grandparents and her mother, that everyone in the family had been through a great deal of mental trauma.

Her father had passed away 2 years earlier, her mother had relocated to be closer to her own parents and support structure and went from a 5 bedroomed home to a 2 bedroom home. She had found it difficult to find employment and make ends meet …. And the list goes on …

This got me thinking. How often and how quickly we “complain” about our situation and our circumstances. We seldom take a moment to thank God for the situation we are faced with, or the position we are placed in, no matter how difficult it may be.

Not only will the situation make us come out stronger and bolder, but have we taken a moment to thank Him for the situation we are NOT in. No matter how bad a place we might think we are in, there is always someone in a worse place, there is always someone in a worse off situation. Sadly the other person might not even know Jesus as their Lord and Saviour and thus does not even know the comfort of His unending love in their lives

So today when you think things are bad, take a moment and be thankful for what you have, and even more thankful for what you do not have.