I love going to the bush and spending time in amongst the animals and wildlife, in recharges and invigorates me. I think the real truth is, just being away from the noise, the rush of daily life, the constant routines and time management, the interruption of electronic devices and the constant distraction of almost EVERYTHING!

Being in the bush, for me, gives me a chance to “switch off”.

How often to you have the need to just sit and talk to a friend without a distraction, whether it be kids, phones, TVs or anything else?  When you have your “quiet time”, is it behind a locked door, or in a quiet place, or is it while you are driving, or just about to fall asleep (yes we have all been there as we doze off in mid-sentence with God)

I remember asking Angus Buchan (a South African Farmer and Evangelist), how to I hear from God and he pointed at the forest on his farm and said “Just go and walk in there, open your heart and He will speak into it”

You have a Friend who would love you to have a talk with Him, a talk with no interruptions, no distractions, just you and Him; Even Jesus had this need when He wanted to talk to his Father :

He went up into a mountain apart to pray: and when evening was come, he was there alone (Matthew 14:23).

Maybe it’s time that you took a “time out”, take a walk into the bush, or drive to a secluded spot, maybe find a tree next to a stream and talk to your Best Friend. You might even be very surprised when He talks back, right into your heart and recharges your soul with the fire of the Holy Spirit