When I was first going through my major life crisis, I shared it with only a handful of trusted friends. At that time I was attempting to protect my family from the exposure of our sudden brokenness. Yet as I watched things continue to spin out of control, I realized I needed a regular group of interceding friends. I began to care less about what other people thought and more about how true friends could pray for me and my family.

I was still wise in what to share and who to share it with through the leading of the Holy Spirit. This group of praying friends got me through much hardship. They will never know until they get to heaven how precious and vital their prayers were for my survival. There were many times when I literally felt pressure lifting from my mind, heart, and shoulders after sending out a prayer request.

And the Lord moved on my behalf. I will never forget those saints of God who labored in prayer for me. It’s not that everything worked out the way I wanted—I spent many days and nights not even knowing what I wanted. However, I did want God’s hand over my life and His will to be done.

When we find ourselves in a vulnerable situation, we need other believers in our lives. We need to be actively involved and engaged in our local churches. We need a place to find encouragement and healing outside ourselves. We need the touch, hugs, and shoulders of our brothers and sisters in Christ Jesus.

The Lord inspires His people to pray for one another. He wakes us up in the middle of the night to pray. He allows us to run into people we didn’t expect to see so that we could be praying for them. Our Father in heaven wants His children to pray for each other.


Dear Lord, I need a group of praying friends. Lead me to the right people to share with, and help me to become a strong intercessor for them as well. In Jesus’ name, amen.