Today I attended a business breakfast at Ingane Yami Children’s Village, it is a home for orphaned and abandoned children, birthed by Kloof Harvest Church Senior Pastors, Rodger and Yvonne Greig in 2007. It was truly an inspiring morning and an eye opener. Immediately after the breakfast, I needed to drive through to Pietermaritzburg (for my international readers, it’s about a 40-minute drive). During the drive, I was listening for God, as I always do when driving and the message I got was “It only takes One”.

I started thinking how true this phrase is :

One sentence can start a war, One smile can inspire a stranger, One person can change the life of a child, One person’s vision can make a dream a reality …. You don’t need to be a celebrity or a hero, you don’t need to be a powerful politician or a billionaire to make a difference in this world, because it all starts with ONE.

You are that ONE person who can make a difference. I hear you asking, how can “little me” change the world? Well, how do you eat an elephant? – ONE bite at a time of course! How do you change the world? How do you make a difference? – ONE step at a time of course!

Imagine this scenario and then tell me that YOU cannot make a difference;

You sponsor a child at Ingane Yami Children’s Village, that toddler, grows up in a loving home, under the guidance of God, he finishes school and goes to University (again paid for by Ingane Yami), he becomes the CEO or Chairman of a major corporation, who goes on to fund and build another children’s village, helping 1000’s of children …. Tell me again that you did not or cannot make a difference !

ONE man was brought to this earth by His Father, ONE man walked among Men, ONE man was crucified ….. Only ONE man …. And look at the result …

It only takes ONE atom to start a nuclear reaction,… why do you not be that ONE atom today and start a reaction, start a revolution and make a change to this world, make a change to someone else’s world …

For more info on Ingane Yami, please visit their website by clocking on the Logo Below