To many people Christmas is a time of celebration and exchanging of gifts, to others it is a time when they go on vacation and get a break from the daily rat race. To some it is time of great sadness for various reasons, be it remembering a lost loved one, or better times, or just being alone during a time that symbolises togetherness.

For many years, I refused to celebrate Christmas, I did not have any kids to celebrate with and Christmas to me was seen as a time to feel compelled to purchase something for someone, invariably giving them something they did not want or even need, just for the sake of giving it.

What does Christmas mean to you ? Is it a holiday, a celebration, or a commercial windfall ?

As I became a Christian I started celebrating, but for a whole different reason, to me Christmas symbolises the DAY it all changed, I often ask myself, where would we be today if it was not for THAT day? It is a terrifying thought to say the least !

At this time of the year we hear the phrase often “Put the Christ back into Christmas”. For to many it has become so commercialised and nothing more than a money making event and as Christians we cannot force our beliefs on others, but we can let them know that the X in Xmas stands for the Alpha and Omega, the One who came to wash them clean and change their lives.

With a little more than a month to go, I implore you to think about that awesome day when a King was born in a manger, no ceremony, no big party or great reveal …. A little baby boy, born just like any other child, but with a future planned out by His Father to change the world we live in and give us everlasting live through the shedding of His blood.