I read daily of how Christians are being persecuted all over the world, it is brutal and evil, and from what I have read, no other religious group faces as much fear as Christians do, this especially applies to the Middle East, however it is not isolated there.

I watched a documentary a while ago where Christians were imprisoned for publicly showing their belief, by either praying openly or defying the laws of the country by not observing the rules of the predominant religion. While in prison they were kept for 30 days and given the opportunity to renounce Jesus Christ in return for their freedom, failing which they would be executed on the 31st day.

Other inmates were forced to watch the executions that happened daily as their friends and fellow believers were beheaded in front of them, this was not a movie, it was a real life documentary and you could see the believers praying just before the guillotine would fall.

What would you do? It is a very difficult question indeed and would probably require a lot of prayer.

Many of us are lucky to live in a free society, where we are free to practice our religion and beliefs, and although we might not be killed for it, we are still persecuted in different ways, either by judgement of non believers, being shunned by friends or family because we are “bible bashers” and so on. This is where you need to learn to make your stand and to stand up for your God, like He stands up for you, it wont get you killed but it will still be painful in an emotional sense.

Wear your shirt that says “Jesus is my Super Hero”, Get the tattoo on your arm with a cross and a bible verse …. Take a stand for Jesus and take the opportunity to minister to those who frown, ask questions or push you away …. I guarantee that if you take that step of faith, the Holy Spirit will be right there putting the required words in your mouth.