We are often told to be thankful for what we have and when that is said, the first thing many people think of are assets, their home, their car, their possessions and things like that.

Recently we were at church and our awesome worship band was playing up front, it was powerful and you could feel the Holy Spirit in the room and suddenly I was made aware of how lucky I was. I had forgotten all about the incident until I heard a song this morning that brought the memory back ( Don’t wanna go Alone )-

But back to the day at church …. I stood there and looked around, to my left was my wife, her eyes closed and hands lifted high, next to her my two beautiful daughters, signing at the top of their voices, and on my right, was my mother…

How awesome is it to have the ones that are the closest to me right there with me, praising God!! It does not get better than that! Money can’t buy that kind of stuff.

Could it get better? Of Course – My sister was not there, my Mother in Law and Father in Law were not there … but all in good time, I have faith in that. Simply because what I already have is a testimony on its own and it’s just a matter of time before their eyes are opened.

To those who are reading this and wish for the same, I say to you, pray and pray with faith, be a living testimony and let those you care about the most see God in your life, it will make them curious, they will want the peace and the love that they see in you.