This morning I read a post on gardening, now those that know me will know that I hate gardening, stuff I plant always dies anyway and I do not have the patience to look after what has not died. But in either event, it got me thinking how our spiritual lives are a lot like gardening.


The vegetable that we are trying to grow represents our spiritual life, the weeds represent satan and his sidekicks, and the soil represents our life here on earth.

We all know that weeds are wild, they do not need much to grow and they spread like wildfire, overpowering anything that might try and grow with them, slowly depriving it of sunlight and nutrients until such time as it wins and kills the plant. The same is to be said for Satan, he does not want our spiritual being to succeed or grow, he wants to see it die a slow death.

In the same way, a weed can grow almost anywhere, a vegetable cannot. It needs good soil, it needs water and sunlight, and the soil needs to be tended to, cleaned regularly and occasionally topped up with a booster, like compost, nitrates or plant food. This is our lives, we need to put in the good in order to allow the spirit within us to grow, the nutients, compost, and water all represent things like church, fellowship, prayer, the word and worship. In addition to this we need to be aware of the weeds in our garden of life and yank them out, the sooner the better, before their roots grow strong and they start sucking out the life from our lives.

When we take cognisance of the above and tend to our lives (our garden) our spirit will bear fruit, good fruit and grow strong in Christ.

So today, let us do a little gardening in our lives and clean up the vegetable patches so that God can make a difference in us, strengthening our walk with him and becoming strong enough to overpower the weeds.