Recently I attended a seminar on how addiction and alcoholism affect families, it was by invitation and I honestly didn’t believe that I would get much out of it, but I was supporting a friend and attended anyway.

My eyes were opened in a big way, but more so, while my wife and I were sitting there and listening, realizing how much this did affect us and how the presenter’s words cut very deep, it was her testimony that really hit home and it got me thinking.

The bible clearly says that God knows our end from our beginning and my favorite verses are Jeremiah 29:11 and Romans 8:28, where it clearly stated that God knows the plans and purposes that He has in our lives. I know some of her stories and heard the rest during the presentation. She was passionate in the fact that she used to be an addict and was no longer and that she wanted to share and help others.

My eyes filled with tears as I listened, my heart broke for her when I thought of what she had to endure, the then I saw it …. A man on a journey, walking along a dusty road. God could take us out of a situation of circumstance in the blink of an eye, but like a good Father he allows us to make our mistakes and learn from them and then we are really blessed when we get the opportunity to use them to help others.

This “poor” girl would never have been able to help other addicts or families of addicts if she had not experienced this first hand. We can either sit and mope and complain about all the hardships and trials that we have had to face in our lives or we can rejoice and give thanks and ask God how we can use them to help others and Glorify His name