At a recent church service our Pastor drew a comparison of being a Christian to being an Athlete, Farmer, and Soldier, but out of all of these the farmer comparison got my attention and got me thinking;

As a young Christian, I lived on a farm called Shalom for a while, it is a working farm and it funds a ministry by Angus Buchan, now Angus does not call himself a preacher, he is just an ordinary farmer, telling people about God, but he wrote a book called “Faith like Potatoes”, which as later turned into a movie (I can definitely recommend it). In this book, he talks about how as a farmer you need certain qualities and those qualities are definitely based on Christian principles in my opinion.

Just take a moment and think about how a farmer lives :

Faith : They take a seed, put it in the ground and have faith that it will grow and yield a good crop

Trust : They cannot predict the weather and once the seed is in the ground they must trust in God to bring the rain

Patience : Once the seed is in the ground they have to wait, they cannot speed up the process and cannot reap until the crop is ready

Love : They have to love what they do, it requires a lot of stress and effort and they will only take out what they put in

Humility : Things do not always go right and sometimes they have to ask for assistance from lenders and banks to get the ball rolling

How can a farmer now be a Christian ? This was one of the things asked by our pastor and he was so right!

Only God can take that tiny little seed, provide it with the nourishment it needs, the water and the sunshine it requires, and turn it into a crop, it is not of this world, and no man can replicate the process without God’s intervention and hand.

In the same way, we need to apply these principles to our lives daily, we need to have faith in God that he will help us grow as Christians, we need to Trust in Him for our needs, we need to have Patience when we pray, we need to Love our lives and those around us, and we need to be Humble before Him as he goes to work in our lives.