I have just returned from a vacation trip into the African Bush and all I can say is I was totally blessed to even be given the opportunity to go on a trip of this nature and of this magnitude!

It was one of those trips that had a whole bunch of moments that just left you breathless and helps you to realize that we serve an awesome God.

I sat one night in the dark while listening to the sounds of nature (and hoping nothing was going to eat me), I wondered what God was thinking when he painted the spots on a Leopard and the stripes on a Zebra … Did you know that no two are the same? They are totally unique.

I watched the waters as the Zambezi and Chobe rivers met …

I listened to the call of the Fish Eagle as it perched in a nearby tree, watching the water for its next meal.

All of this put together made me realise, animals live by faith alone, they wake up when the sun rises and go about their business searching for the food that God provides, when the sun goes down, they go to sleep, with hope, hope that they will see another day and not fall prey to those who live in the darkness ….

We should live by this faith to, knowing that God will provide, we just have to trust Him.