Our theme for this year at church is legacy, and we have heard a couple of sermons from various pastors regarding this and last Sunday it got me thinking. There was an old country and western song called three wooden crosses and ultimately the song went about a pastor, a teacher, a farmer and a prostitute, who were involved in a motor vehicle accident.

The pastor handed a Bible to the prostitute, who eventually gave it to her son who in turn became a pastor. The prostitute was the only one to survive the accident and in the main chorus it says, “it is not what you take with you but what you leave behind that matters.”

I remember reading a story a very long time ago about a missionary in a remote village who spent many years living there and eventually died of old age. Several years later the church sent another missionary to the village and he proceeded in telling the people about Jesus, explaining how selfless and how compassionate his nature was. The villagers smiled and said they knew this person, stating that he had lived with them just a couple of years before.

What would your legacy be, what will people remember you by?

I would love to hear your thoughts on this matter.