Anyone who is self-employed will, watching as the debit orders pass-through your account at a rapid rate. You look at your debtor’s book, wondering how soon your debtors will start paying you. A feeling of helplessness creeps in as you look at your leads and progress list and it feels like the light at the end of the tunnel has been switched off, or if it does exist, you are worried that it just might be a train!

I am sure that even those who are not self-employed can associate with this in some way or form and attribute it to something in their personal lives.

I know I say, and have said many times, “Have faith”, but even those with strong faith sometimes have their moments of doubt, as we are not perfect by any means.

Having said all of this the question asked in the title is “How do we hear from God” and I wanted to share this experience that made me smile, and at the same time feel very humble.

I was experiencing exactly what I mentioned in the first paragraph, and as you know I not only write my own blog but share blogs that others have written, so with some time to spare and after praying last night for a light at the end of the tunnel, I open the blogs that have been sent to me to share and out of 10 Blogs I open, at least 7 contained my answer to my prayers.

Have Faith – God Will Provide – Trust the Lord with all your Heart – Tithing in Faith – Blessings from Difficulties – God Provides – When others are Blessed – My Only Hope

Above are the titles of the Blogs I opened …. And all will be posted here in due course

Sometimes we miss the answers or do not hear God’s voice, or we even expect it to be an audible explanation … But sometimes He Shouts!

I think I got the message, don’t you?