Isaac was tricked by his son, Jacob, and as a result, Esau lost the blessing and inheritance of the firstborn son. Even though Esau’s heart wasn’t drawn to the God of his fathers—he grieved at this loss of inheritance. This grown man of the outdoors cried deeply as he begged his father for a blessing as well. He didn’t get the blessing he desired; however, Esau was blessed in the earthly sense that he had everything he needed. (Genesis 33:9)

Although many of us will never experience what Jacob and Esau went through, we will have times of seeing others being blessed while we are still waiting for ours. If we aren’t careful, we may find ourselves struggling with God because we don’t feel our blessings coming through in the same way.

However, the Lord blesses us every day even if we don’t see the answers we are seeking. His blessings on those who follow Him aren’t always physically evident. Our God isn’t limited to blessing us only with earthly materials which will eventually fade away. He gives us blessings that will follow us into eternity.

We are instructed in Romans 12:15 to “rejoice with those who rejoice, weep with those who weep.” When we see God blessing others with answered prayers, we can rejoice with them because we know He is faithful to hear the prayers of His people. God doesn’t have favorites in the body of Christ. Each of us is His favorite son or daughter.

We can restore our hope in Him when we take our eyes off of the thing we desire and focus more on His love for us. Our faith is renewed when we meditate on His promises because they will never fail. Our joy is made complete as we remember all the times that God has come through for us in the past. When God blesses others, we are blessed because He is a good Father to all of His children.


Dear Lord, thank You for blessing my brothers and sisters in Christ. Keep my heart diligent to continue to seek Your face and receive Your blessings at the right time. In Jesus’ name, amen.