David was a young man when he was anointed by God to be the next king of Israel. Yet, in between—he was hunted by King Saul, distrusted by leaders of other nations, his name and reputation was maligned, isolated, but surrounded by restless men, and often discouraged. Eventually the day came when he was appointed king and he conquered all of Israel’s enemies.

How many time have we seen this in the Bible? Abraham was promised that he would have a son, but it was years later after he was an elderly man when it happened. Joseph had dreams as a child that he would rule over his brothers, but he was sold, enslaved, falsely accused, and imprisoned before being made second in command. Moses was chosen to lead the Israelites to the Promised Land, but it was after the plagues, the people’s rebellion, and 40 years of wandering before they made it there.

Because of these biblical examples, we should recognize that we also may need to go through battles before getting the victories. We live in a culture that wants everything to come easy, but that’s not how God does it for His people. He allows us to go through the battles so that we learn vital spiritual lessons along the way.

We don’t just wake up one day spiritual mature and patient. Instead we go through battle after battle with the devil, the world, and our flesh. Some battles are long and some are short. Either way, we can get battle weary if we forget that our victory is coming. The Lord is faithful to keep His promises even in the midst of our weariness.


Dear Lord, help me to endure through the battles that I’m going through right now. I want to become a stronger, more spiritual person on my way to victory. In Jesus’ name, amen