Imagine you were condemned to death, you had no idea when or where it would be happening, but you knew that your day was drawing near, then a stranger, a complete stranger, out of the blue offered to die in your place. Someone who knew your name, yet you had never known!

What would your reaction be, how would you thank that person for giving you a second chance? How would you react when you pictured that person in your place, as he was whipped 39 times, as his head was bleeding while a crown of thorns was forced onto him? You watched as your “rescuer” was dragged, kicked, beaten and spat on and was then placed on a tree and had spikes driven through his wrists and ankles to hold him there … before being raised up for everyone to see.

Imagine someone going through all of this on your behalf?

What you be forever grateful, would you be forever in his debt?

I had a friend who did all of this for ME, before I was born to this earth He knew my name, He knew my heart and He knew my transgressions and without me even asking, He gave up His life for me just so that I would be forgiven and that my name could be written in the book of life.

Do you have a friend like that? If not I tell you that you do, He knows your name! All you need to do is accept Him because He has already accepted you.