Some of us have a best friend, some have that “one” friend who will stand by you through everything, it may even be your spouse. Some of us do not have the friend and wish we did have.

A “best” friend is someone who will stick with you through thick and thin, sometimes they become your sense of reasoning.

Imagine you ask your best friend to get you drugs and they so no, because they care for you and do not want to see you hurt, or you ask for relationship advise and although they give it, and it makes sense, you do not want to listen because your heart feels differently. When you make the wrong choices they support you and pick you up once you have fallen down ….. do you have that one friend? Do you have a friend that would literally die for you?

We all of a choice, we choose our friends!

Let me tell you that you do have a friend who gave His life for you, you do have a friend of you can talk to about anything, you do have a friend who will look out for you, you do have a friend who will love you unconditionally, a friend that will not judge you by your actions and will forgive you unconditionally. You have a friend that wants to speak to you daily and who wants you to speak to Him.

If you are feeling lost, alone or depressed, just open your heart and let Him in, that is all you need to do. Then spend time with Him, just like you would any other friend, ask Him for advise and take it!

Jesus is the best friend you will ever have and he is the only friend who can change your life completely, no if’s, no but’s ….. He will love you unconditionally, irrespective of your past because He is the only one who knows your future.

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God Bless