David sinned against God because he took a census of the people. He may have been trying to measure his strength by the size of his armies instead of relying on the Lord. As a result, a plague was released on the people with 70,000 people died. The angel stopped near the threshing floor of Araunah the Jebusite and David wanted to build an altar to the Lord at that place.

Araunah wanted to give David the threshing floor and everything needed for the sacrifice. Yet, David turned him down and paid a great deal of money for it. (2 Samuel 24:24, 2 Chronicles 21:24) David refused to offer God a sacrifice that didn’t cost him something. His actions are an example of sacrificial giving to us.

How many of us give offerings to the church Sunday after Sunday that we don’t really feel? We give out of responsibility and duty, but we resist giving monetary gifts that we really feel. Is it really necessary to give with sacrifice? Does it matter to God?

We don’t give because God needs our money. We give because God wants our hearts. If our hearts are entrapped by the love of money, we can’t give a sacrificial offering to God. Many times when we are prompted by the Spirit to give more—it’s a test of the condition of our hearts. This is why it’s good to pray about what we should give to the ministry before we even get to the church.

The Lord knows where our loyalty lies. We can’t take one dime nor dollar with us to the next life. Yet, if we are faithful to give sacrificially in this lifetime, we will enjoy eternal riches and rewards in heaven.


Dear Lord, I confess that I’ve been holding back in my giving. Increase my faith to give sacrificially and faithfully towards the building of Your kingdom. In Jesus’ name, amen.