We all know how top athletes and sportsmen and women are bought by clubs and sponsors, millions are paid to them to represent their brands or play for their teams. To them, this is an investment and they expect a return on their investment but the person either playing well and winning the game or promoting their products and generating higher sales figures.
You would not expect someone that is paid big money by a sponsor like Nike to wear anything else, or be seen in an opposition branch now, would you ?

Well, the same applies to us! We were bought and paid for in full by God with the blood of His Son and the day we accepted Jesus as our Lord and Saviour was the day He became our sponsor and we chose to endorse Him.
You are a walking, breathing, living endorsement of Jesus Christ and Christianity and as a result, you need to promote it as well as Live it! You are the walking billboard for salvation!
You do not need to go into full-time ministry to change the lives of others or to make a difference in this world, you just need to be the celebrity that Jesus wants you to be and be the endorsement of His “product”, everlasting life and salvation