Not many of us would readily admit when we are jealous or envious of others. It doesn’t look good on our Christian resume to harbor these troublesome twins in our hearts. However, God sees our hearts, and the Holy Spirit will gently convict us when we begin to feel this way.

We aren’t always jealous or envious of the obvious things of wealth or fame. Many times our jealousy and envy are sparked by those things that other people have and we don’t. It could be a marriage, children, education, or job. We could struggle with the fact that other people have had good childhoods when ours was an incredible mess.

There is only one cure for envy and jealousy: a spirit of contentment with who we are in Christ Jesus right at this moment. Contentment doesn’t mean we are accepting that our lives will never improve. Rather, contentment is arriving at a position of trust that God is with us in every situation in life.

If we are sick, God’s presence gives us peace in the midst of it even though we aren’t immediately healed. If we are single and want to be married, God’s presence gives us hope that He will open the door if it’s His will. If we desire children, God’s presence supplies us the joy we need when our hearts feel empty.

Whatever state we find ourselves, God’s presence is enough for our contentment. Because He is Emmanuel (God is with us), our lives can be spiritually, emotionally, and physically balanced, even in times of discouragement. The sickness of jealousy and envy doesn’t go away on its own. We need to intentionally confess our weakness and seek out contentment in the presence of the Lord.


Dear Lord, I confess my struggle with jealousy and envy. I seek Your forgiveness and presence to lead me in a place of contentment. In Jesus’ name, amen.