“She looketh well to the ways of her household… Her children arise up, and call her blessed; her husband also, and he praiseth her.” Proverbs 31:27a, 28 KJV

The couple’s entrance into the café was like watching a ballet in slow motion. He was using a walker; she was using a cane. After the gentleman passed through the doorway, he held it open for his lady. She, gracefully attentive to her mate, shuffled through the entrance, bowing as she went, as if he was a chivalrous knight returning from a victorious conquest. I wondered how they would solve the obvious problem. The man’s walker now blocked the doorway! His lady held the door with her free hand for just long enough to allow her beloved to clear the passageway. Then, she grasped her husband’s arm and walker simultaneously, and the two continued—ever so slowly—to a table. He seated his lady and proceeded to the serving line.

“Coffee, please. Times two.”

“Yes, sir.” The cashier said. “Would you like five creams an’ two sugars? An’ a sugar for your wife?”

“As usual.”

“Are you havin’ egg sandwiches today?”

“Yes, ma’am. We would like tom…”

“Tomatoes? Sliced thin? With a pinch a pepper on yer misses’ samich?”


“Here’s your coffees. Biscuits are comin’ right up.”

The gentleman balanced the coffees and biscuit sandwiches on the seat of his walker. He turned toward the table. I knew it would be a long journey back. I could contain my composure no longer as I watched the wait staff allow this.

“Excuse me,” I said to the cashier, “The gentleman needs help. Can you please send someone to carry his tray?”

“No, ma’am,” she answered.

“And, may I ask why not?”

“He’s lovin’ the details of that walk,” the cashier said, “an’ he doesn’t want help.”

“Are you sure?”

“Um hum. We’ve tried before but he says he’s servin’ his wife. I hear she turns his bedsheet down every night an’ puts a lil’ green mint on the pillow fer him…”

“Because there’s ‘love in the details’?”

“Yes, ma’am. They two’s had a lovin’ marriage for 53 years.”

“Thank you. I’m sorry I bothered you. I apologize for my oversight.”

I took my Bible out of my purse and opened it to my reading for the day. I read from Proverbs, “She looketh well to the ways of her household…” [Proverbs 31:27a KJV] That certainly characterized the wife I was watching. She was a picture of gentleness and appreciation. “Her children arise up, and call her blessed; her husband also, and he praiseth her.” [Proverbs 31:28 KJV] I had to admit to myself that I secretly envied the gentleman’s pristine care for his lady. His love for her was over-the-top! I thought about Ephesians 5:25a KJV, “Husbands, love your wives, even as Christ also loved the church,” and how the gentleman and his lady equally exemplified this sincere love, as they cared for each other’s needs with deep tenderness and attention to details.

I finished my breakfast and checked the time; I needed to hurry or I’d be late for work. But, I knew I had one last stop to make. I pulled into the dollar store and picked up a bag of green chocolate mints. Tonight, I would start a new tradition. My own husband would know, from my attention to detail, that he was loved.

Copyright © October 27, 2016, Diane Virginia. Used by permission.