When God tells us to trust in Him, all kinds of miracles can happen. Peter walked on water before he started looking at the water, wind, and waves. Of course, Peter was breaking the natural laws of nature, but then again, God created those laws, and He can choose to suspend them when He pleases. He is faithful to do what He has said in His Word. May we be faithful and willing to risk for Him and for His glory.


He is able to do what He promises, so if we take great risks of faith, and we’re doing it for His glory and not ours, He is able to do supernatural works in order to honor the faith we have placed in Him. Great risks can bring great rewards, but taking no risks brings no reward…only loss; loss of what might have been if they had believed God.


God is more than willing to reward our risk when we take it for His glory or the glory of the Son of God, Jesus Christ. I read of a man who began a business and started taking 10% of his gross and giving it to God. Then, as his business started increasing, he increased his giving up to 20%, and then to 30% and the last I heard, he was giving around 90% of his profits for kingdom work. God reward his risk because he risked for God.


Jack Hyles’ words are true; Faith is the willingness to risk anything on God, but when you’ve put your faith in the God of the Universe, we know He is faithful to do what He promises; He is able to do what He promises; and He is willing to do what He promises. Now, if we will only have the faith that’s willing to risk anything for God.