During the Christmas season we are awed by the fact that God would send His one and only Son into the world. Jesus Christ left the comfort of heaven to take on a human body so that we could have a relationship with God and everlasting life. It’s amazing that God gives us grace and freedom from sin while we were yet sinners.

Even with this great miracle happening in our lives, many of us are still slow to share the gospel with the lost. We are scared to mention the name of God or Jesus for fear of reprisal at work, rejection in our relationships, and loss of respect in our communities. However, as believers, we need to tell others about how we have been changed from darkness to the light.

God is greater than anything that stands in the way of sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ. If we would ask God to give us discernment to speak the truth, He will give us exactly what to say in wisdom. The Holy Spirit will prompt us to speak what can be seeds of truth sown into the hearts of the lost.

When we go and tell others about Jesus, we are fulfilling the mission that we are called to finish. As we live our lives in purity, integrity, and righteousness, even unbelievers will sense the hand of God on our lives. It’s up to us to have the courage and faith to speak the gospel as we are led by God. Our lives are a living testimony of His goodness and grace towards us.


Dear Lord, I need Your discernment and wisdom to go and tell the truth of the Gospel to the lost. Grant me the courage to minister as You lead. In Jesus’ name, amen.