Though he fall, he shall not be cast headlong, for the LORD upholds his hand.

Psalm 37:23

Have you ever fallen in the faith? If you’ve ever said or done things that you’ve regretted, you are in the company of many believers. Many of us have fallen short since salvation and have had to face the consequences of our bad decisions. We have the testimony of falling down, wiping the dust off, and getting back up again. Sometimes we are like the Israelites’ who would follow God, get comfortable, forget God, suffer for their sins, call out to God, and receive His deliverance.

If we fall, we can rise up stronger as long as we keep our eyes on Christ. If our vision remains locked on our fleshly (or carnal) desires, we may find ourselves constantly struggling in the faith. The struggle is real, but God is greater. If we want to get up stronger, then we need to follow these steps:

Step #1) Accept our role in the decision making that lead to a fall. (Psalm 32:5)
Step #2) Seek God’s forgiveness and be cleansed through His Spirit. (1 John 1:9)
Step #3) Pray for wisdom and discernment to resist falling into the same pattern. (James 1:5)
Step #4) Listen to the advice of godly and mature believers that God places in our lives. (Proverbs 11:14)
Step #5) Set ourselves up for success by changing aspects of our lives that constantly lead us down the dark paths. (Romans 13:14)
Step #6) Continue to press our way towards a consistent prayer life, Bible study, and church fellowship. (John 13:17)
Step #7) Draw on God to grow closer in intimacy every day. (James 4:8)

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As we continue to call upon God, He will renew our strength to overcome our weaknesses. It’s not God’s will that we remain down—it’s His will that we get up and going about building the kingdom of Christ.


Dear Lord, I’ve fallen many times and I don’t feel worthy enough to get up. Strengthen my heart and mind to overcome temptations so that I can live a victorious life every day. In Jesus’ name, amen.

In His Service,

Crystal McDowell Signature