Try me and know my thoughts!

Psalm 139:23

Have you ever had to work with someone who showed up every day with a bad attitude? It’s like a fog that hovers over your day. While we can’t always get people to change their attitude, we are in full control of our own attitude and how it can be positive or negative for those who are around us all the time. As believers, we are encouraged to demonstrate the attitude of Christ at all times at home, work, and school and in our communities.

It’s much easier to have a good attitude at church after singing a wonderful worship song than when someone cuts you off on the highway after service. It’s much easier to have a great attitude when its Friday and payday than when it’s Monday morning and your boss calls you in for a reprimand. Our situations around us are always changing, but our attitude can rise up above it as long as we remain connected to Christ.

Our attitude is directly connected to how we think about God, ourselves, and others. Sour thoughts lead to negative attitudes that continue a downward spiral to bad feelings, jealousy, envy, and overall discontentment. Yet because we belong to God, we can rise above the wrong mentality to achieve peace and hope in the midst of disappointments.

Sometimes we have to take a moment to pull ourselves out of the gutter of negative thinking. As we refocus our thoughts on God’s goodness to us in spite of our ways, we find renewed peace of mind. We choose to pull away from the downward pull of negative thinking towards the truth that God uses everything good and bad in our lives for His purposes. Our thinking should circle around God’s grace to provide everything we need in His perfect timing.


Dear Lord, help me to have a better attitude every day. I pray for Your Spirit to be a greater presence in my life so that I represent the true joy in the Lord. Amen.

In His Service,

Crystal McDowell Signature