Do not be afraid or dismayed; be strong and courageous.

Joshua 10:25

When Joshua was fighting for the Promised Land, his people needed encouragement. Yet, as a leader—Joshua needed to be encouraged first. When Moses was handing off the reins of leadership, he said to Joshua, “Be strong and courageous.” When God spoke to Joshua before the battles, He said to him repeatedly, “Be strong and courageous.” (Joshua 1:6, 7, 9, 18) As a result, Joshua spoke the same message to his army about their enemies.

As leaders whether in the home, church, work, or community—we need to strive to pass on the messages that have been planted in our hearts and minds. Sometimes God sends people to speak into our lives and sometimes He speaks to us through His Spirit and His word. The words are easy to hear, but not as easy to put into practice.

However, when we take the steps of faith one day at a time, we begin to experience many blessings and promotions because of the seeds planted in our hearts. After a time, we may forget how we literally came to our place of success. It wasn’t “pulling ourselves up by our own bootstraps” but rather the right words spoken in the right season—Proverbs 15:23 “to make an apt answer is a joy to a man, and a word in season, how good it is!”

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As we step out in faith and see the goodness of God, we need to pass it on to our children, spouses, peers at work and school, family, and friends. Our inability or neglect to pass on words of encouragement can result in a gap of purpose for those we love and want to see live better lives.

Passing on the good word of God is not only a responsibility, but it’s also a privilege. God provides a way for us and we can have the joy of seeing Him provide for others as we plant the seeds of truth in their hearts.


Dear Lord, I pray for the discernment to pass on the good word of encouragement to those You’ve placed in my life. In Jesus’ name, amen.

In His Service,

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