Have you ever gotten yourself into such a mess that you knew there was no way you could get out of it on your own? Whether it was getting your car stuck or getting so lost you didn’t know where you were, you needed a rescuer.

But how easy was it for you to ask for help?

The Bible is full of situations where people needed to be rescued — Adam and Eve, Joseph, Moses, Jonah, the people of Israel. They all needed a rescuer, a savior. But not all of them found it so easy to ask for help. Why? Pride.

It’s hard to admit we need someone else’s help. People might think we’re weak or foolish or somehow less perfect than the image we like to project. But the Bible says God is ready to “rescue those who are humble” (Psalm 18:27 NLT).

Jesus is the ultimate rescuer. He came to Earth to save all humanity through his death and Resurrection. “Jesus . . . gave himself to rescue all of us” (1 Timothy 2:5 CEV).

But that means you have to admit that you need rescuing. It takes honesty and humility to admit our need and say like David, “I am in deep trouble. Rush to my aid, for only you [God] can help and save me” (Psalm 70:5 TLB).

That’s all you have to do. Just accept his grace, his mercy, and his love. But make sure you swallow your pride first.