Read: Mark 10:1-12

Therefore a man shall leave his father and mother and hold fast to his wife, and the two shall become one flesh. (vv. 7-8)

I remember very clearly the day my cousin told me he was getting married. We were both still in college so I was a bit surprised. But what was especially significant to me was a statement he made. “John,” he said, “the biggest decision in life is trusting Jesus as Lord and Savior. But the second biggest is getting married.”

I never forgot those words. The first part is so true for everyone, and the second is certainly true for those who marry. Marriage must be approached with reverence and much prayer. Sometimes it may be better not to marry. But if a couple decides to marry, it is “for better or for worse,” and “till death do us part.” It should not be entered into lightly because, as Jesus said, it involves a permanent bond.

Jesus took marriage very seriously and so should we. His intention in these verses was to correct the common opinion that marriage was something that could be gotten into and out of quite easily. In expressing God’s perspective on marriage, Jesus clearly stated that it was for life and its promise should not be broken. But humanity, being what it is, makes it hard to imagine Jesus not realizing that under certain circumstances, divorce may occur. Given his overwhelming teachings on grace and forgiveness, there should be no doubt that Jesus will always be compassionate and loving. —John Koedyker

Prayer: Lord, bless our marriages, heal our broken relationships, and soften our hard hearts. Amen.