I will counsel you with my eye upon you.

Psalm 32:8

There are many times in this Christian journey that God calls us to do things that are way bigger than us. The Lord calls the most unlikely of candidates to accomplish His will. Abraham was childless, yet God called him the father of nations. Joseph was a slave and a prisoner, yet God called him to second in command. Moses struggled to speak publicly, yet God called him as a leader of a great nation. David was a young shepherd, but God called him to be a king. Daniel was a prisoner of Babylon, yet God called him to advise pagan kings.

We are also called by God to do great and miraculous works in His name. He doesn’t always choose the strongest, smartest, or the most confident. Sometimes those people don’t feel like they need God to get the work done. They depend on their own natural talent and abilities to drive them forward. Yet, what works for the world is useless to God.

The Lord chooses those, who are deemed as weak, to do His greatest works. It’s overwhelming when we feel led to do the unusual or extraordinary in the name of Christ. However, as we humble ourselves to pray and seek His face, we find the strength within to accomplish His will. He chooses us not based on our own skill sets, but on the willingness of our hearts to please and give Him glory for what we accomplish.

We aren’t expected to do the impossible by ourselves. We need the Lord’s hand to guide, counsel, and assure us of the right way to go. Our joy is made complete when we know deep in our hearts that He didn’t have to choose us, except for His pleasure to see our success in Him.


Dear Lord, I can’t do this work by myself. I need your reassurance through the Holy Spirit that I’m following the right path. Lead me every day. Amen.

In His Service,

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