For we are not ignorant of his designs.

2 Corinthians 2:11

A sports playbook can be priceless in the hands of the competitor. They can learn all the plays and adequately prepare a defense that will defeat the opposing team. We have Satan’s playbook because he’s been deceiving mankind for generations using the same old strategies. What does Satan’s playbook look like?

#1) Plant his ideas to our minds (Genesis 3:1)
While Satan can’t read our minds, he’s been studying the mankind and knows our weakness. He can make suggestions that we can take as our own. The best defense for this play is to guard our thoughts and question anything that goes against what we know is right.

#2) Persuade us to doubt God’s word (Genesis 3:4)
The devil belittles God’s word to distract us from the truths of scripture that would pull us away from our spiritual walk. The best defense for this play is to know God’s word intimately every day so that we aren’t deceived by Satan’s lies.

#3) Tempt us to fulfill our desires before God’s desires (Genesis 3:5)

Whenever we consider how we feel above God’s will for us, it’s a warning. Satan will make it seem like God wants us to be happy, even if it means a sinful choice. The best defense for this play is to crucify our sinful natures and turn to the Holy Spirit for wise choices.

#4) Condemn us when we fail (Zechariah 3:1)
Satan will be your best buddy in the pre-sin stages and he will be your worst enemy afterwards. We sense a greater condemnation because he immediately wants us to feel shame, regret, and guilt so that we won’t turn to the Father. The best defense for this play is to confess our sins, seek God’s forgiveness and His cleansing from sin.


Dear Lord, I’ve been fooled for too long by Satan’s devices. I’m tired of falling into the same old traps. Help me to live each day closer to You and resisting the devil’s temptations. Amen.

In His Service,

Crystal McDowell Signature