These things God has revealed to us through the Spirit.

1 Corinthians 2:10

What dreams has God birthed in your heart and mind? The Lord gives us ideas in our imaginations to accomplish great works in His name. The imagination is a powerful gift from God because it allows us to see the potential and possibilities of the impossible. Yet how do we know it’s from God and not just our own vain imaginations? Take the following inspiration test to discover if you are on the right track.

1) Who gets the glory in your imagination? We must be careful to not let our imaginations drive us to self-glorification. If we allow ourselves to be drawn into the desires of fortune and fame, we could lose the God-focus of the dream. Many people have been ensnared by the deceitfulness of riches. Yet our goal must always be that God will be glorified and not our own personal gain.

2) Do you need God in order to accomplish this dream? When God gives us a dream to accomplish, He makes it much bigger than us. In this way, we depend on His grace, strength, and mercy to get it done. If we don’t need God’s help, our dream may be too small. He stretches our faith when we rely on His wisdom to finish what we’ve started.

3) Does the intended completion result in people being drawn to God and His goodness? Regardless of our gift, it’s never about us. It’s about God leading people to know Him and grow in their faith. When we make everything about us, we lose purpose and passion. The energy and engagement of bringing people to Christ supply the fuel to keep our dream moving.

4) How does this dream build up and support the church? Believers need to be actively engaged and serving in their local ministries. Our churches serve as opportunities for us to grow our gifts under the wise counsel and direction of spiritual leaders. None of us are an island to ourselves—we need the body of Christ in our continued development of the dream.

5) If you have failed in accomplishing parts of this dream, does it continue to circle back to your heart and mind? When God has placed something on your heart, it won’t go away. We will wake up with its purpose pounding in our hearts and minds. Every time we are reminded of our godly purpose and destiny, we are excited and driven towards achieving the goals of God. On the other hand, any vain imaginations will most certainly die over time as we grow in the knowledge of the Lord.


Dear Lord, I don’t want my dreams from You to die because of wrong motives. I need Your direction and insight on how to move forward. Amen.

In His Service,

Crystal McDowell Signature