Who then is this, that even the wind and the sea obey him?

Mark 4:41

How big is your God? Is He able to control the weather? Is He able to raise up a dead man three days after his death? Is He able to change the darkest of hearts with the light of salvation? Is He able to conquer death and the grave to give life to generations of believers? Is He able to make every single moment of your life significant towards a greater purpose?

Our God is greater than anything else on this earth, below or in the heavens above. Nothing is ever hidden from His sight. Sometimes we need to sit back and reflect on the greatness of our God. Many of us would no longer be afraid if we knew how He is greater than our fears. Some of us would no longer doubt His power if we understood how He destroyed the devil’s power over us.

If we believed in how big our God really is, our prayers would become more powerful and intense. We would pray with authority, confidence, and wisdom because we know there’s nothing our God can’t do. There’s great joy in prayer as we see the manifestation of His glory resting on the lives of believers.

If we believed in how big our God really is, we would never let a day pass without reading His word. We would be filled with the knowledge of His word to speak truth to the captives who are bound and deceived by Satan. Our meditation and study of the Scriptures lead us to make the best decisions for us and our families.

If we believe in the bigness of God, we won’t be afraid to take the courageous steps of faith towards our calling. We will conquer every intimidation and fearful thought because we know there is nothing impossible with our God.

How big is your God today?


Dear Lord, I believe in You and Your greatness in my life. Help me to always see the bigness of You. Amen.

In His Service,

Crystal McDowell Signature