It was I who knew you in the wilderness.

Hosea 13:5

My times in the wilderness have never been easy. I’ve served the Lord for many years and yet, I still doubted, feared, and despaired. All of us will have a wilderness experience in our faith journey. It isn’t meant to defeat us; rather to grow us up in the faith. It may feel like defeat especially when we’ve prayed and God hasn’t answered or we’ve stepped out in faith and everything seems to have fallen apart.

In our wilderness times, we may be tempted to doubt God’s love and concern for us. We may even feel abandoned by Him. We can find renewed hope with the following strategies:

Strategy #1) Keep our eyes on God and not our circumstances.
The Israelites had the cloud by day and fire by night to keep their eyes on God. We have a greater gift—the Holy Spirit who will always be with us even in the wilderness.

Strategy #2) Strive to be content in everything.
The Israelites struggled with finding contentment. We find our contentment whether everything is going perfectly or terribly because we know that God is in control.

Strategy #3) Resist the urge to return back to our old ways of thinking and living (Egypt).
The Israelites wanted to turn back to slavery instead of pressing forward in faith. We may be tempted to believe that lie; yet, returning to the slavery of sin will never be better than walking in the light.

Strategy #4) Continue moving in faith towards the Promise Land.
The Israelites who trusted in God—kept their eyes on the prize. God is good and He is leading us to better days with His peace and destiny as a guide.


Dear Lord, I’m in the wilderness of my life right now. I need You more every day. I pray for Your guidance and strength to help me make it to the Promised Land. In Jesus’ name, amen.

In His Service,

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