For it still awaits the appointed time.Daniel 11:35

Do you ever get restless waiting on God to do the miraculous in your life? We pray and wait for what seems like it will never happen. It could be prayer for salvation of a loved one who doesn’t seem one inch closer to God. It could be a financial breakthrough or prayers for a spouse. Or it could be a dream or destiny that we feel God has placed on our hearts.

Even though we get frustrated with the wait, we know that God has an appointed time for His will to be done. We can’t rush Him or make it happen one minute faster. For example, Abraham and Sarah knew that God had promised them a son, but it wasn’t happening fast enough as they both were getting older. They decided to have Abraham sleep with Hagar, Sarah’s maidservant to help God move it along.

The problem was that no one can help God along—while their plan succeeded with the birth of a child, it wasn’t the promised child, Isaac. Their impatient decision still impacts the world today as the children of both sons still don’t get along.

Before we judge them to harshly, we must look at ourselves and ask how are we waiting on God’s timing. Some of us fill up our time keeping busy so we hopefully get distracted on the length of time. Many of us look for other options “to help God” even though in our hearts we know it’s a fruitless endeavor. Others of us get discouraged and begin to doubt if God cares or notices our pain.

The key is found in Daniel 11:35 “for it still awaits the appointed time”. Our God has an appointed time for everything that happens on this earth. We only get to see a speck of how everything works out, but He makes all things work together because He’s God. Our Lord sees the bigger picture in this lifetime and through eternity. Our role is trust Him and His timing—He will come through at the appointed time. May He find us faithful in our waiting.


Dear Lord, I confess my restlessness. I pray for the strength and peace to wait on Your appointed time for my life. In Jesus’ name, amen.

In His Service,

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