Read: Romans 6:15-23

For the wages of sin is death, but the gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord. (v. 23 NIV)

Instead of finding my personal wheelchair waiting for me at the door of the plane, a wheelchair agent was there pushing an airport chair. What happened to my own wheelchair? Even­tu­ally, I learned that it was left on the jet bridge in Mexico because no one had bothered to bring it down to the cargo hold. The airline apologized profusely and lent me an airport wheelchair. After my brother emailed the airline, they sent me a travel voucher. I did not earn the airline’s gift, but I accepted it.

The party that made the mistake usually pays compensation to make it right. I am glad that God does not work that way. Instead of insisting that we pay for the wrongs we committed, God offers us the gift of grace. We do not have to ask for this gift; he freely gives it. Thousands of years before we were born, God paid the highest price by sending his only Son to die for our sins. We cannot do anything to earn it. Our response should be to thankfully accept his gift of eternal life.

The airline did fix the situation. Besides offering me compensation, my chair was put on the next flight and driven to my house the next day. God went out of his way to fix our sin problem through Jesus Christ. That is a gift we can all accept. —Steve Laman

As you pray, thank God for sending Jesus and for the gift of eternal life.