Whatever your hand finds to do, do it with your might.

Ecclesiastes 9:10

Have you ever had one or many of those days when it was difficult to motivate yourself at work? It could be taking care of children at home or balancing the budget in the office. The humdrum of the daily grind can sometimes wear us down so that we lose our joy and purpose in our daily responsibilities. It’s in those times, we might forget how God can use the mundane to work His greatest miracles.

In the midst of our frustration, there is hope. Whether we feel like working or not, God has a plan. So we need a plan as well. The next time we begin to feel overwhelmed with purposelessness at work, we can follow these steps:

Step #1) Ask the Lord for the opportunity to honor Him with our work.
When we stop to recognize the importance of honoring Jesus with our attitudes and vigor—it can change our whole mood. We will find ourselves searching for something that will result in His honor.

Step #2) Ask the Lord for the favor that He gave Joseph and Daniel.

Both Joseph and Daniel worked for pagan kings, yet the favor of God was on them for His greater purpose. The kings and their kingdoms were blessed because of the wisdom of Joseph and the insight of Daniel.

Step #3) Ask the Lord for wisdom and knowledge to be successful at what we do.
There is a wealth of wisdom that God has in store for His children when they ask in faith. Through the presence of the Holy Spirit, we can give insightful ideas and offer unique perspectives that are hidden from others.

Step #4) Ask the Lord for renewed strength and vigor to represent the kingdom of Christ.
We may be the only ambassadors of Jesus to our co-workers. Our job is more than making money to pay the bills—each job is an opportunity to reveal the reality of God and His love to others.


Dear Lord, I want to be a better representative of You on the job. Restore my joy and contentment so that I can work everything as to You. Amen.

In His Service,

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