We are afflicted in every way, but not crushed

2 Corinthians 4:8

As believers in Jesus Christ, we can feel the pressure to not own up to our own weaknesses or problems. Yet Christians suffer just like unbelievers. Christians have marital problems that sometimes end in separation or divorce. Christians have family members who suffer with physical, emotional, or mental illnesses. Christians have children who turn away from truth and towards immorality, drugs, or alcohol. Christians lose their jobs and have trouble finding another one. There’s no denying or faking away our problems.

Facing our problems doesn’t mean that we shout out our personal business in the streets. Rather, we are transparent and honest about our complete dependency on an invisible God. We live our lives in such a way that reveals the presence of Jesus Christ even in our weaknesses. We face the fact that we live in a fallen world where sin abounds—yet the grace of God abounds even more!

The grace given to believers helps us cope with the problems of our lives. When we turn to God in prayer concerning our weaknesses, He renews hope and strength in our hearts to keep moving forward. We are led and driven by His love, which assures us that we aren’t alone in our suffering. The Lord supplies ample wisdom for us to know what to do when we are confused or perplexed by our trials.


Facing our problems instead of pretending they don’t exist becomes a testimony to those whom God has placed around us. They see how our affliction doesn’t have the last say in our lives. Instead, they witness the resilient hope of Jesus in our words and actions. Let’s face it: Jesus lives, and because He lives, we can face our tomorrows.


Dear Lord, I’ve been hit low with problems, and I’m tempted to pretend they don’t exist. Help me Lord with Your strength to face my issues as a testimony of Your presence in my life. Amen.

In His Service,

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